Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Northumberland Coastal Marathon 19/08

Not sure if it's possible to summarise our weekend in such a short space as this. Thirteen plodders ran, a further three came up for support duties (some even brought their families to lend extra hands), and a wonderful time was had by all. There was hardship, there were tears, there were injuries, there was excitement, there was joy, there was bravery, there was sunburn, there was rain, there was (a lot of) beer, there was (a lot of) gammon, there were campsite Fascists, there was a delicious seal, and ooh, THERE WAS A CASTLE.

Entertain yourself with a truly stunning array of photos here supplied by Liam, Scott, Julia, Hannah and yours truly. Some semi-nakedness therein, although we only managed to end up with a shot of Hannah's ankle. I'm still unsure whether I was hallucinating as I ran across the beach to Low Newton...

Here is a nice overall summary from NEMC

I'd like to thank on behalf of everybody that ran the following people and things;

North East Marathon Club. The welcome we got from these guys was wonderful. I really hope our paths will cross again soon. George and Jim were immense.

Liam, Scott, Liams' parents, Susan's parents, Ben, the lovely Mrs Metz & family, Hannah. Your support and assistance (eh Liam, nudge, wink) was amazing and uplifting.

Charlie. For having the idea, initiative and tenacity of getting us up there, organised and running.

Simon 22/08