Thursday, 20 September 2012

Katie Conquers the Llama

Congratulations to Katie, Llama Lash champion 2012!!

It went down to the wire, with stiff competition provided by Guy and Hannah who were still in with a shout of the silverware heading in to the final race, but Katie retained the Purple Tutu to see the season out with a total points haul of 92 (best 4 out of 6)

Fichele, de-tutued, about to slay the descent. Despite appearances.
Simon couldn't better his CR on the final day despite dayglo shorts, but held on to the Fastest Known Time with 36:19, whilst the prize for greatest improver went to Julia's remarkable 19% differential (although that might be down to the post-marathon penultimate lash? Hmmmm...).

The LL season has been a great success and there have been some great performances. Many people have improved their times by over 10%. Colin will now spend the winter shut in his office calculating the handicaps for next season, emerging some time in late spring, blinking in the sunlight, clutching a new spreadsheet and brandishing that beloved stopwatch.

That is of course, with the exception of the mid-winter Black Llama...