Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Mills to Sheffield

It's the New Mills to Sheffield run this coming Saturday (28th), meeting at Sheffield Train Station at 8am.

Simple plan; catch the train to New Mills and run home. Total route will be anything from 25 to 28 miles depending on which pub we decide to stop at on the day. Roughly, the route will go New Mills > Hayfield > Kinder > Win Hill > Bamford > Stanage Edge > Pub.

A softie shorter option is available, detouring at Edale to catch the train back to Sheffield, giving a reduced New Mills > Hayfield > Edale route of about 10 miles.

We've still not decided on which route we will be taking over or around Kinder. TBC.

The weather forecast is good but be sensible and bring appropriate kit. Also some food, a drink and your mobile phone. Anybody not doing so will be dropped at the earliest opportunity and left to wander Kinder alone for the next three weeks. The pace will be social, and we'll be running as a group. The idea is to get some quality mountain miles in without destroying ourselves in the process, not to break any land speed records.