Sunday, 24 January 2016

What are you planning this year?

Hello everyone, welcome to the first plog of 2016.

I'd like to give a special welcome to all my Ukranian fans: Google statistics show that you're 242% more interested in this page than my UK audience.  Why?

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
Ukrainians love the plog

I haven't written about October, November or December 2015 so those months must forever go unremembered in Plodding history.  Perhaps not such a bad thing: apparently there were only 33.2 hours of sunshine in Sheffield recorded in December 2015.  Everybody go and get yourselves some Vitamin D.

Sheffield, December 2015

January has brought loads of new Plodders and we're delighted to see them!  It's also brought some novelty snow, some much-needed sunshine and crisp, clear plods up to the moor.  

Rudd Hill.  Nightfall.  Snow.

Now that 2016's here we've all got to start getting real about our plans - and what a range of plans there are!  We've got members who are: aiming at their first half marathons, entering iconic Yorkshire races, training for sub-3 hour marathons, cutting off the seconds to get sub-18 parkruns, mounting bikes and buying wetsuits for triathlons (including a budding iron man), returning to favorite local fell races, forming vague and over-ambitious plans for 100+ ultramarathons, and psyching themselves up for Scottish races over big spikey hills...and more.  If any of that sounds remotely interesting then do come along: The Greystones, 1830, every Wednesday.

Burbage Valley, courtesy of Lex
Right, I do hope all the pictures have disguised the lack of content this month.  Take care everyone and see you Wednesday.