Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Grindleford Gallop 2015

6 Plodders tackled the Grindleford Gallop (21 Miles 3000ft) this Saturday in beautiful race conditions.

One Plodder eyewitness reports : The Gallop took place on Saturday......there was a lot of walking!!

Race Review from Rob:
What a grand day out. The finest day of the year so far saw numerous people gather in the field by the road in Grindleford for a 10am start, when we all surged towards a narrow opening at the end of the field. The first part took us down the valley parallel to the river, with a variety of stiles which caused a few bottlenecks for the first half mile or so. Then we turned right up a hill which was way too steep to run up. At the top, sitting on a wall, Julian awaited, shouting encouragement.

Then it was on to Eyam and the first check point. Beyond Eyam the road undulates for a while and then we turned south over Longstone Moor. This was the toughest part for me. It was a long slow slog uphill across fields and stiles. Finally we reached the top and began the descent into Great Longstone and onto the Monsal Trail, and then to the first FOOD STOP at Hassop station. This is what makes the Gallop so special. The local ladies bake a wide selection of tasty treats served with hot drinks. I enjoyed a very nice piece of flapjacky type of thing washed down with a magnificent cup of tea.

With renewed energy I then set off for Bakewell and then the next big climb up over to Chatsworth. The day was warming up nicely by this time and I was down to vest and shorts. The legs were getting stiff though but I was driven on by the lure of more tea and cake at the second FOOD STOP in Baslow. I sat down on a wall for this one and had not one, but two cups of tea and a very nice piece of lemon drizzle cake.

Then, fortified with the hearty Baslow fare, I headed up the long steep climb up onto Froggatt Edge. Andrew was waiting half way up with his camera, and you'll notice from his photos that nobody was running (apart from Dutson who was just showing off). I was too full of tea and cake. Froggatt seems to go on forever, but finally we came to the descent back down into Grindleford and a most welcome bowl of soup... with more tea and cake.

I didn't see any other plodders during the race although Brandreth beat me by only a minute so he can't have been far ahead. I did keep spotting Susan's dad. He just kept popping up at various locations throughout the race, “Eh up, there he is again!!” And I did spot George a few times taking photos.

Well done to all runners and thanks to the various people who turned out to support us. It was a very enjoyable day.


Plodder Results:
91st Sam B 03:15:05
189th Steve M 03:42:27
238th Steve B 03:54:40
241st Robin E 03:55:40
263rd Claire 04:00:46
287th Susan 04:10:13

396 Ran.