Monday, 12 November 2012

High Peak Relay 2012 - SILVERWARE!!!

The Plodders' return to the High Peak Relay this year was marked by some great running, a lot of cake, and an unexpected victory.

With 29 miles split into 8 legs, the Relay kicks off with a killer ascent out of Cromford on leg 1 before joining the Midshires Way for the following 3 legs. An about-turn at leg 5 starts the return home on the same route in reverse.

Is it a bird, is it a plane....Claire, Tim & Lizzie
Rob, our intrepid organiser, no doubt felt obliged to take the much maligned first climb. It's easy to miss a turn, as Julia and David can attest from last year, and several runners took a detour this time too, so well done Rob for staying on track and placing 5th on a tough leg!

Claire, Martyn and Anna then took the 3 further legs outbound. The old railway embankment that forms the Midshires Way crosses beautiful White Peak scenery, though a strong head wind made it tough going at times.

The complex logistics of placing the right runner in the right place at the right time all worked out, so Susan was ready and waiting at halfway to start the return trip when the first runner arrived. Tim then Lizzie raced along their legs, with the final descent into Cromwell run by Martyn in place of our missing 8th runner.

Tim in full flow

Beer and crisps may be a Plodder's staple diet, but given that it was barely past midday, we refueled instead with pots of tea, tiffin, scones, apricot slice and parkin.

Just when we thought that the cake frenzy couldn't get any better, the results announcement (Matlock AC 1st men; Ashbourne RC 1st ladies) came with the unexpected news that the Porter Valley Plodders had won the mixed team category! This, and a respectable 9th place overall, put an extra smile on our faces.

This looks more like it!! Anna, Martyn, Claire, Susan, Tim & Lizzie, doing what PVPs do.

Another great day out with the Plodders. Thanks again to Rob for getting our act together - you know who's volunteered himself to plan next year!

All photos by Rob P