Monday, 11 June 2012

Castleton Fell Race

Six Plodders (Steve, Julia, Charlie, Jill, Rob and Scott) braved the terrible
weather to take part in the Castleton fell race. There was a lot of
weather - rain, wind and hail - only rivalled by the amount of

After Charlie, Julia and I worked out that we had all the wrong
clothes and decided who was going to wear the 1 thermal we had between
us we then had a long discussion about how we were going to split up
the few safety pins we had. We set off in the rain with 13 minutes to
spare from the distant car park and I think our faffing was beginning
to take a toll on stoical Steve ("this never happens when I'm with

The weather was bad when we started and got even worse on the ridge,
The hail nearly blinded us and we were deafened in one ear by the
wind. Despite the terrible conditions, everyone ran really well (no
results on the website so this report is turning into more waffle than
substance, which also seems appropriate...)

It was a bit of a long slog up Mam tor, a bit cold on the ridge and
then a pretty sketchy steep wet descent. Julia even fell in a hole
while trying to wave to Charlie on the way up.

I think we were all happy when it was over. Soaked wet through, we got
pretty cold in the car on the way back (not helped by Steve
monopolising all the heating vents). After a long conversation about
how cold our hands were, we decided we didn't actually have Raynaud's
disease and then went off to the Greystones.

Picture courtesy of Accelerate

After a pint and some crisps, we decided the race was actually really
fun and to celebrate we had a game of imaginary pass the parcel.